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By providing great, individualized counselling about studying abroad, give us the chance to promote a smooth transition from high school to university. You can start on the path to an incredible career with the help of our education counsellors.

Our Services

Aside from assisting in the placement of the student, we never lose sight at the providence of quality education to our students by placing them in reputed institutions whose results speak for themselves, thus ensuring the student’s future and career. We also provide professional and technical counselling to assess the student and to enrol him/her in the right course and educational structure in the institutions represented by us.

  • Assisting and equipping the students for a smooth and successful transit.
  • Guiding the students with the best professional career prospects as per the global market trends.

Extensive Counseling

Studying abroad is one of the most hectic tasks in the world, that is unless you’re our client. Many factors such as such as the student’s eligibility, academic scores, scores of qualification exams, budget, mode of funding, visa probability, cognitive needs and what not, but we simplify this this process by doing all the work for you. BCES chooses the right country and university to match all your requirements.

  • Selecting the right university and course
  • Filling up and submission of applications
  • Preparing financial documents
  • Assisting in SOP
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Visa procedures
  • Mock interview

Additional Services

  • Scholarships
  • Bank Loans
  • Pre-Departure Briefing
  • Travels Arrangements
  • Accommodation Assistance
Providing Best Study Abroad Services

Extensive Counselling

Once you decide to study abroad various factors plays an integral role in that. The entire process is different which varies from person to person and depends upon individual’s need on the basis of background, eligibility, academic scores of qualification and, budget, mode of funding, visa probability and not to ignore cognitive needs and the list goes on. BCES helps you to choose the right country, right university to match up all your requirements.

  • Choosing the rights country:
    The first step to take for study abroad is to choose/select the country. Selecting the right country to study is often a crucial decision based on lot many parameters/factors of individual’s profile/need/requirement. We at BCES first understand the requirement/need of the students considering all factors involves in the process then helps/assist them to take the right decision.
  • Selecting the right university and course:
    Once the country is decided the next important step involved is selecting the right university and course. This again is need and eligibility based decision to take. We analyze the profile of the student based on academic scores, language proficiency, funding/budget, career goals and objectives and help the students to decide the right course and university.
  • Filling up and submission of applications:
    Filling up and submission of application form is one of the most exhaustive and complex issue to adhere/handle. We shoulder the complete responsibility of this part to allow students work on fulfilling other requirements of language proficiency, arranging transcripts,certificates,competitive exams scores and any other additional documents to complete the application submission process
  • Preparing financial documents:
    Once the university and course selection is made one has to provide the documentation to show you are having sufficient amount of money estimated by the respective country, university, college or institution to cover the period of your study. We guide you to get the acceptable forms of proof of funding to show and attach.
  • Assisting in SOP:
    Statement of purpose is one of the outmost important documents to analysis your candidature as a prospective students in respective university, college. Being able to send so many students in 18 years we assist/guide you every in possible way to write your statement of purpose.
  • Letter of recommendations:
    In this matter every country is different from India where a detailed letter of recommendation is required to secure your admission in any course or university no matter how big or small it may be.
  • Visa procedures:
    Document required for visa application
    • Visa Application form
    • Visa Application fees
    • Financial Statement
    • Health Statement
    • Acceptance letter of University College and Institute
    • Passport
  • Mock interview:
    After completion of visa formalities, before granting the visa some countries call the students for personal interview. We conduct mock interview session for all the students in order to train them in facing the interview confidently and answer the complex questions in professional manner.

Additional Services

  • Scholarships:
    There are different kinds of scholarship and bursaries are available for students. These may vary in different forms some in tuition fee, some in extra course at no additional cost etc. we help in figuring out the best available student.