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Why study in Malta?

Every year, hundreds of international students come to Malta to enhance their education. One of the main reasons students are drawn to this country is its high standard of education. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Malta as your study abroad destination:
  • English is Malta’s official national language. This is an excellent chance for students who do not speak other international languages but wish to study in English in Malta.
  • Most people in Malta are pleasant, respectful, and well-educated. As a result, it has a low crime rate, making it a safe destination for overseas students.
  • Malta is one of the most affordable places to live and study. Prices for lodging and food are significantly lower than in other parts of Europe. As a result, you can study in Malta at a moderate cost.
  • Malta is one of the most sought-after countries for international students due to the high quality of its curricula and the presence of renowned educational institutions.
  • Malta has a long history of intellectual distinction, and degrees earned here are recognized around the world.
  • Because of its low unemployment rate, Malta attracts the majority of students for postgraduate courses. After finishing the training, there are plenty of work prospects in the country.

Studying in GBS Malta

GBS Malta is a specialized institution that offers educational programs aimed at enhancing your career prospects through focused personal and professional growth opportunities. Our campus is located in the center of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its distinctive character and vibrant cultural scene. Valletta is situated in one of the safest countries in Europe.

GBS Malta is a subsidiary of GBS UK, operating in 10 different locations including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Malta. It has been established for more than 10 years. We collaborate with multiple prestigious UK Universities to offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

GBS Malta is situated in the central area of St Julian’s, providing convenient access to all necessary amenities. Each classroom is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate teaching and learning, while separate areas are designated for studying, conducting research, and socializing. The rooftop terrace offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding vicinity, making it an ideal venue for socializing with fellow students.

Proficient instructors, all authorities in their respective domains, will guarantee that your sessions are captivating and motivating. The student support team is available to provide academic or welfare assistance as required.

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Cost of Living in Malta

When it comes to the cost of studying and living in Malta for Indian students, both are reasonably priced and it can vary depending on factors such as accommodation choices, lifestyle preferences, and personal spending habits. On average, international students should budget for expenses related to accommodation, food, transportation, utilities, and leisure activities.

The below table will give you an idea about the funds required for living:

Living Expense TypeCost per day
If  accommodation is paidEUR 18
If  accommodation is not paid yetEUR 35

Also, keep at least 300 EUR (24,800 INR approx.) for all the major expenses and ensure that you get health insurance which will cover any health concerns you might have.

Student Visa to Study in GBS Malta

BCES may assist in determining any possible visa prerequisites you may possess, providing you with a more lucid comprehension of the procedure. Additionally, it may be necessary for you to present specific authentic documents to Malta in order to finalize the visa procedure.

A Visa is a formal authorization that grants persons temporary permission to travel to a foreign country. Therefore, it is necessary to verify whether you are obligated to apply for a visa in order to travel to Malta.

An e-Residence Permit, on the other hand, is the necessary document for your continued stay in Malta throughout your academic program. Upon arrival and registration, students are required to apply for an e-Residence Permit. This permit will serve as both an identification card and a travel document within the Schengen Area, in conjunction with a valid passport.

visa requirement for UK, USA, Canada, Australia

Benefits of studying in GBS Malta

Malta, a country in Europe, is known for its high level of safety, delicious cuisine, pleasant climate, and vibrant social activities. Malta is a bilingual country with English and Maltese as its official languages. Individuals from diverse backgrounds, including students and expatriates, reside, labor, and engage in academic pursuits in this location, benefiting from the exceptional amenities available.

The international airport has extensive connectivity to nearly all major European cities and enjoys direct air travel links with the Gulf region. Upon your arrival, you will encounter a varied and hospitable island, where you will promptly have a sense of belonging.

  • Study alternatives with flexible scheduling: Daytime, evening, weekend
  • Classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology
  • Computer laboratory dedicated to studying and doing online research
  • Academic library and designated area for focused studying
  • Complimentary wireless internet access available to every student
  • Outdoor platform for communal gatherings

GBS Malta Courses: Awarding Body: Bath Spa University

Applications are still open for Sep 2024 intake for GBS Malta Campus for following Courses:

  • MA Business and Management
  • BA Business and Management

General Requirements:

  1. Personal Statement : Max 400 words
  2. CV – If the applicants have a gap of 2 years or more in their studies.
  3. English Language Requirement
  4. Qualification Requirements.
  5. Bank statement: 3 months old with balance: If accommodation is paid around 18 euros daily, if accommodation is not yet paid around 35 euros daily.
  6. Travel Medical Insurance Coverage of at least 30,000 Euros.
application process

Application process:

Step 1: Complete the application on the Zoho portal and provide the following documents as attachments:

  • Required documents include a passport,
  • immigration history,
  • diploma/transcript,
  • English proficiency documents
  • If English proficiency documents are not available, please provide a booking confirmation.

Step 2: Obtain the offer letter

Step 3: The student acknowledges and agrees to the offer letter.

Step 4: Conduct a telephonic interview with the admissions team.

Step 5: The student remits the complete tuition payments for the first year.

Step 6: Admissions staff issues an unconditional offer or acceptance.