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Nowadays, many young applicants have a strong desire to attend a foreign university. This is because studying abroad offers them the chance to experience different situations, improve their time management skills, and engage with diverse cultures. As a result, their knowledge and abilities are greatly expanded. However, the issue arises when they commence the procedure since several students lack awareness regarding the necessary steps. 

Engaging in an extensive research into the opportunities for studying abroad, organizing the required paperwork, and fulfilling various other responsibilities will ultimately require the aid of an education and visa expert. In order to facilitate this process, the market is full of free study visa consultancies which provide assistance and guidance to students pursuing education overseas.

BCES Admissions Abroad Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, is a prominent player in the study abroad sector in Hyderabad. They also have branches throughout South India. To initiate the process, simply inquire on their official website and they will thereafter establish contact with you for free study visa consultation.   

Students can obtain solutions to their inquiries via telephone discussions and online chats, and receive help from the comfort of their surroundings. With appropriate assistance, individuals can effectively choose and submit applications to universities, sufficiently prepare for and take the IELTS exam, and successfully acquire their study visas in a faster time frame.

Why should you Choose BCES?

BCES is a one-stop solution where students can get help making such an important choice. We are a company that really does have everything that students learning in other countries could need to meet their educational needs.

If you are prepared to commence your Study Abroad expedition, then BCES is the answer to all your questions. They are the best study abroad consultants in Hyderabad which provide numerous services including:

Career Counseling: We provide educational counseling services to assist you in your pursuit of academic studies and securing a high-quality employment opportunity. Our counselors will collaborate with you to gain deeper insights into your objectives and lifestyle, enabling them to provide tailored guidance.

Country Selection: The opportunities to study abroad are increasing significantly, and educational institutions in the most sought-after study-abroad locations adhere to the same universal requirements.

University and Course Selection: The beginning of your career relies upon the selection of a suitable course and university. In order to select a university, it is necessary to engage in some introspection. Prioritize your preparation by identifying the specific objectives you aim to achieve throughout your time spent overseas. This is part of our usual service.

Visa Guidance: We have extensive experience handling various types of visas for an extended period of time. Our team of visa specialists will provide assistance and experienced guidance to facilitate your visa application procedure. We will guide you step-by-step through the procedure of obtaining a visa.

Admission Formalities: Our extensive knowledge and regular communication with university admissions offices enable us to closely monitor all of these factors and provide you with the highest quality service. Simultaneously, we manage the admissions procedure on your behalf.

SOP and Interview Assistance: The inclusion of your GMAT/GRE, TOEFL/IELTS scores, transcripts, two essays with word limitations, and letters of reference can significantly increase the level of difficulty. However, at BCES, we provide comprehensive coverage for all your needs.

Application Process: Upon careful examination of your academic record, involvement in extracurricular activities, and competence in English, we develop effective tactics to ensure that your applications maximize your chances of success.

A growing proportion of international students are becoming conscious of the outstanding opportunities to pursue education in foreign countries. In order for our country’s young and ambitious students to pursue higher education overseas, it is crucial to supply them with information regarding the worldwide universities and educational institutions that provide courses and post-study options that align with their specific needs and areas of interest.

BCES has been dedicated to facilitating the study abroad process for students and their parents since its inception in 1997. This is the hub where you can acquire all the necessary resources to pursue your studies in a foreign nation. Our services encompass counseling, assisting students in selecting the most suitable program or institution based on their interests, and providing support with admissions, scholarships, and visas.

BCES has facilitated the admission of students into esteemed institutions and colleges in numerous countries worldwide, including but not limited to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Cyprus. BCES is managed by very prominent directors who possess extensive expertise in this industry, amounting to a significant period of over 25 years. The British High Commission had confidence in BCES as a partner.

Prominent Destinations

If students intend to pursue careers in the present, interconnected global market, it is advisable for them to engage in studying abroad. In today’s society, there is a substantial demand for individuals who possess extensive knowledge of diverse cultures worldwide. This expertise is crucial in enabling them to navigate and overcome the challenges presented by cultural diversity within their prospective employers’ specific field of work. Hence, to fulfill the substantial demand and enhance their career prospects, several students opt to pursue education overseas with the aim of acquiring extensive knowledge that would enable them to increase their earnings and accomplish their future aspirations. It is important for international students to receive study abroad opportunities that have the ability to positively influence their life.

The following list includes some of the courses you can take after your 12th grade year:

Engineering Courses

Students abroad are particularly interested in engineering programmes. You can enroll in Bachelor of Engineering programmes overseas if studying engineering abroad is something you’re interested in. Among the specific courses are those in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, information technology engineering, electrical engineering, etc.

Computer Science

If computer science is your area of interest, you can enroll in programmes like the Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology or the B.Sc. in Computer Science, among others.

Designing courses

You can enroll in courses relating to designing if you’re interested in a creative academic programme. A few of the design programmes offered abroad include a B.Sc. in product design, a B.Sc. in interior design, a BA in interior design, a bachelor’s degree in interior design, etc.

Business administration courses

If you wish to study management abroad, you can enrol in programmes like the B.Sc. in Management Science, the Bachelor of Business Administration, and the Diploma in Business Administration.

Finance and accounting courses

Here are some of the best programmes for studying finance and accounting abroad: a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in accounting management, etc.

The courses described here are just a small sample of the ones available abroad. For further details, see this page: courses for study abroad

Study abroad MBA

Getting your MBA abroad might provide you with a variety of opportunities. A student would get practical experience and improved job chances by studying an MBA overseas. Depending on the nation and the educational institution, the MBA programme may be a professional degree or a terminal degree. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, preferably a full-time degree, is the fundamental requirement for studying for an MBA abroad. Significant work experience is another crucial need. You now need to decide where you want to pursue an MBA abroad.