Best Universities in Australia for Indian Students

Due to its great educational system and employment prospects, Australia is one of the most popular
study abroad destinations for Indian students. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Australia ranks first
among study abroad destinations for every fifth Indian student. Australia remained at the top of the list
for many years. It continues to be the top choice for Indian students looking to study abroad among the
best universities in Australia. Indian students don’t give it a second thought because they make up a
sizable portion of international students in Australia. It’s all because Australia’s famous university
campuses and more affordable tuition rates encourage overseas students to enroll there. However,
there are several other reasons one can find to enroll in Australian universities.

Why Attend School in Australia?

Australia has the third-highest number of overseas students in the world and consistently makes contributions to eminent worldwide science and research institutes. They never stop demonstrating the value of the educational system through ground-breaking research, top-notch educational opportunities, and global cooperation. Australia is one of the world’s regions that is growing the fastest, and it has direct ties to some of the most important global economic centers. Australia is increasingly establishing itself as a popular study destination thanks to the large number of international students—particularly Indian students—who choose to go. Australia is a vibrant, prospering nation with vivacious English-speaking residents. It is frequently regarded as the safest and friendliest place to study and travel unrestrictedly.

Here are a few other reasons why to study in Australia:

Scholarship opportunities are plentiful, and Increased employment opportunities.

Australia allows students to work while studying.

Great opportunity to combine study and travel Quality range of extensive educational programs.

Australia is one of the safest countries to live, study and work in.

Australia has six cities ranked in the top 50 best student cities globally.

Top Ranking Universities in Australia

The Australia’s educational system offers a diverse range of study options for international students, with 22,000 courses and more than 1,100 universities. There are many top-ranked universities in Australia, and 36 Universities among them are ranked as best universities as per QS World University rankings. Australian universities are extremely advanced when considering the quality of higher education, technological research, world-class facilities, and professionals worldwide. The best part of universities of Australia is that they all provide in-hand vocational training and education, that’s why international students prefer to study in Australia.

List of top 10 universities in Australia for Indian Students at low cost


University Name


Tuition Fee




Australian National University (ANU)     


AUD 92,250

University of Sydney


AUD 91,200

University of Melbourne


AUD 52,250

University of New South Wales (UNSW) 


AUD 78,560

University of Queensland (UQ) 


AUD 76,650

Monash University 


AUD 28,700

University of Western Australia (UWA)


AUD 36,000

University of Adelaide 


AUD 74,880

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 


AUD 60,192

University of Wollongong 


AUD 40,000

Universities in Australia for Masters Degree

Indian  students wanting to study for master’s overseas most often choose Australia as their preferred or dream destination. It is the country to eight of the best 100 universities globally for academic and research, fantastic career opportunities and  lifestyle, making  it the best study destination for international students. There are numerous reasons why you should choose Australia for your higher education. Assume you’re determined in doing postgraduate study abroad and are driven by a soul of adventure, a love of travel, and an urge to try out new experiences. In that case, you can’t do much better than a master’s degree in Australia. Look at the top universities in Australia for Masters:


University Name


Average Tuition Fee

University of Melbourne

MS in Computer Science


University of Queensland

MS in Mechanical Engineering


Macquarie University

Masters of Computing


Queensland University of Technology

MS Information Technology


University of Adelaide

MS in Civil & Structural Engineering



University of Sydney

Masters in Finance


University of Newcastle

Masters of Teaching


RMIT University

MS in Information Technology



University of Western Australia

MS in Oil & Gas Engineering


Australian National University

Master in Information Technology Systems



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