Now the trend of pursuing higher education from abroad universities has rapidly increased. If we talk about overseas education, we must know that to apply in abroad universities is not an easy task, neither for the students nor for their parents. Thus, consulting with abroad education experts is the right step to planning your dream of overseas studies. Here, we will elaborate on the importance of overseas education consultants in India and how they can help you with guidance and support in continuing your studies in foreign.

Best Overseas Education Consultants in India


BCES Overseas education consultants in India is a professional educational agency where counselors have more knowledge about the courses offered by countries and universities. BCES abroad education consultants help students to process their admission, student visa application procedures, and other admissions formalities. As of now, many Indian students are inspired to study abroad, countries are changing their education policies from time to time as well as processes of student visas to be the best study destination. Further, consulting agencies always be updated about immigration policies. They help students throughout the process of applying for their selected university as well as getting student permits from the prospective country.

Overseas education consultants analyze foreign education systems. For example, if a student wants to complete MBA from abroad and is willing to apply to universities in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia simultaneously. The education system of these countries differs from each other, thus making the application process a big puzzle for the candidate. That’s where you can contact overseas education consultants in India. They will guide students in selecting the right university that fits student budgets and career preferences.

Why Hire Us as Your Overseas Education Consultants in India

Other advantages of studying abroad, besides the ones already mentioned:

Financial Support

Managing the exorbitant costs of studying abroad is a big problem that students and their families must deal with. A consultant for overseas education advises the applicant on available study loans and fellowships. While banks typically offer student loans, there are a number of academic institutions that offer scholarships to international students. A good consultant is knowledgeable about all of these grants and scholarships and can assist deserving students in obtaining them with the right advice. In addition to this, BCES Admissions Abroad helps students find effective ways to manage their finances while studying abroad.

Fulfilling the Eligibility Criteria to get admissions in abroad

Depending on the university you wish to get info, you may be required to meet certain eligibility requirements in order to get admission in your preferred course. English language proficiency scores are the most common prerequisites requested by international universities. Because the fees for these exams are usually high, taking multiple exams that aren’t required to apply to the university you want to attend is a waste of time. We are aware of various language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and others, and as overseas education consultants, we can assist aspirants in preparing for the exam that best matches the university’s admission criteria.

Advantage of Choosing BCES Admissions Abroad?

BCES is a leading education consulting firm that aims to make the process of studying abroad easier for students all over the country. They strive to make the complex journey of those aspiring to study abroad easier by providing overseas education consultants to guide students in the best possible ways and by assisting them in designing a perfect application. BCES Overseas Education Consultants in India assists students in selecting the best-suited course based on their interests and needs. Following the selection of the course and university, the student is assigned a mentor who is currently studying or is an alumnus of the same institution to assist them with essays and other required documents. More than 700 mentors around the world are a part of BCES.

Overseas Education Services

BCES Study Abroad Consultants in India provides the following services:

Students should be given appropriate study-abroad advice based on their preferences and choice of destination and university.

Assist students in finding suitable accommodation for study abroad in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

As international education consultants in India, we assist students in preparing for the tests required to qualify for specific courses such as the GMAT and GRE for business courses and language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL for study in a foreign country.

Students can get all of their financial needs met at Leverage Finance, which assists students with scholarship loans, international bank accounts, and money transfer methods.

BCES Admissions Abroad is one of the best study abroad consultancies, providing students with a wide range of services and guiding them to make their study abroad dreams a reality.

  • Determine the service for which you require assistance.
  • Locate a reputable organization.
  • Choose a consultancy that matches your interests and values you as a client.
  • Examine their service fees.
  • Finally, to ensure their credibility, look into their success rate.

BCES Study Abroad, on the other hand, offers their services to students for free.

As a result, if you intend to study abroad, you should be aware that you will have a long journey ahead of you. To begin, contact our overseas education consultants and experts at Leverage Edu, and we’ll hold your hand throughout this journey, assisting you in selecting the best combination of programme and university to submit an impressive application and be successfully shortlisted.

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