Important notice for USA nonimmigrant visa applicants

Attention, students!

In order to mitigate fraudulent activities and misuse of the appointment system, the United States government has declared a policy modification that will be enforced starting from November 27, 2023.

USA visa

It is mandatory for all F, M, and J student visa applicants to provide their own passport information while creating a profile and arranging their visa appointment. Applicants who have provided an inaccurate passport number when creating a profile or scheduling an appointment will be rejected at the Visa Application Centers (VAC). Their scheduled appointments will be revoked and the visa money will be forfeited. Applicants who have used an inaccurate passport number while creating a profile or booking an appointment should either create a new profile with the right passport information or access an existing profile that contains the proper passport information to book an appointment. Please be aware that if the previous visa fee receipt has been linked to a profile containing inaccurate passport details, a new visa fee receipt will need to be paid.

If an applicant has recently renewed their passport or acquired a new one due to loss or theft, they may present a photocopy or alternative documentation of the previous passport number to proceed with their appointment.

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