Relief for Indian Students: UK Government Verifies Graduate Visa Route to Continue

Amid the chaos on the graduate visa route, the UK government has given the decision for those who wish to study in the Uk and said it would keep the graduate study visa path in place, which permits overseas students to work or seek employment for two years following graduation (or three years for PhD holders). Rather, the home office will concentrate on enforcing more compliance requirements on universities hiring overseas students and regulating agencies that do so. The UK student visa news is a great relief for Indian students wishing to study in the UK.

UK Government Verifies Graduate Visa Route to Continue

As per the suggestions of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), which argued against the elimination of the graduate route or the UK student visa, have been crucial in forming this approach. There were talks at first of possible changes that would limit visas to the “best and brightest” people—a suggestion that has since changed.

The Home Office noted, with regard to the Graduate Route, the independent Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) warning in a quick review last week that rogue recruitment agencies pose a threat to the system, with poor practices exploiting student and graduate visa holders who “mis-sold” a UK higher education.

The Home Office stated that fast action is required since migrants on the UK student visa move straight to the Graduate Route, adding that it is still worried about. 

What it implies for Indian students

With almost 45,600 students obtaining graduate visas, or 40% of the total, India is clearly one of the main contributors to the student body in the UK. According to a story in The Sun, if Indian and other overseas students choose the graduate visa path, they may have to take required English exams.This means that Indian students are the highest to study in the UK. 

High dropout rate schools also run the danger of losing their ability to admit international students. This step is to improve education and guarantee that pupils are fluent in English in line with the academic requirements and standards of the United Kingdom.

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