Booking Perfect Student Accommodation in the UK

You’ve made the decision to study in the UK, you’ve already applied for a course there, and now you need to find housing. Here is a guide with suggestions and guidance regarding lodging in the UK.

You can start your journey by setting up a free consultation with SI-UK India right away. Find out more below about booking your ideal UK student accommodation with Unite Students.

What kinds of housing options are there for students in the UK?

Accommodations at universities

The majority of university housing is on campus, which is convenient for students. These accommodations, which are usually for first-year students, are fun and excellent for those who like to socialize and party.

privately owned lodging

Unite Students is the biggest private housing provider in the UK. They have accommodations in 25 different UK cities.

Unite Students’ accommodations are close to campuses, safe and secure with free Wi-Fi, round-the-clock security, and all bills included. International students can register without a UK-based guarantor. For peace of mind, the cancellation policies for international students are also very helpful.

Rentals from private landlords

Friends can choose to share a flat together. It is important for students to book their flat from a secure platform to avoid scams. It is also important for students to read the Terms and Conditions of the contract to understand the cancellation policies and what the rent policy is if one of the flat mates changes their plan or cannot pay the rent, to check what each tenant’s liability is in different scenarios.

Students will very likely need a UK based guarantor to book, and very likely will need to pay a deposit and maybe some rent upfront to secure the flat.

Booking with Unite Students

With Unite Students, booking a room is quick and simple and only takes a few minutes.

1. Select your city

Select your city and your property and select the room type the most suitable for you. You will have the choice between:

  • Non-ensuite rooms in shared flats (each student has their own bedroom, and shared the bathroom and the kitchen with a few other flat mates)
  • Ensuite rooms in shared flats (each student has their own bedroom and bathroom and shared the kitchen with a few flat mates)
  • Studios: self-contained accommodation with private bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area
  • 1 or 2 bed flats: apartments with a bedroom separated from the kitchen / living room

Select the tenancy length

You can choose from short stays, semester stays, academic year stays (typically from September till June) or 51 week stay (typically from September to August).

Activate your Unite Student account.

You must include your full name, first name, date of birth, email address, gender, and country of citizenship in addition to your phone number, place of residence, postal address, year of study, the UK university you plan to attend, and the course you intend to enroll in. 

Verify the guarantor

You do not require a guarantor who is based in the UK to make a reservation with Unite Students. A friend or family member may serve as your guarantor. You must include the guarantor’s last name, first name, phone number, email address, and relationship to you.

You get to choose whether your guarantor serves as your emergency contact. If your emergency contact is someone else, you must enter their information at this point in the booking process.


You can pay with a debit card or a credit card, and international students can decide whether to pay everything at once or in up to 4 installments (*up to 3 installments for a few cities).

To reserve a property in England or Wales, you must pay a deposit of $250. This will be taken out of your first installment as an advance rent payment. (Note: Since this is not a deposit, you are not paying it in addition to your rent. The £250 is included in your monthly rent.

There is no need to pay an advance rent payment for reservations made in Scotland, Liverpool, or Sheffield. These cities are free of charge until your first payment is made.

Embrace the lease agreement

To complete the reservation, both the student and the guarantor must agree to the terms and conditions. You must visit your Unite account and accept the T&Cs in order to do this. An email will also be sent to the guarantor instructing them to follow suit.

Your reservation will be complete once the £250 (for bookings in England and Wales) has been paid and the guarantor and student have agreed to the terms of the tenancy agreement, as shown on your Unite account. Welcome to Unite, and congratulations!

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