UK Living Costs for Indian Students

Are you planning to study at UK universities? But you are worried about the expenses incurred for living in the UK? Continue to Read below to learn about the living costs for Indian students in the UK and how much a United Kingdom (UK) university postgraduate or undergraduate degree will cost you.

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  1. Tuition Fees in The United Kingdom

Educational courses or Tuition fees consider the most significant portion of expenses incurred by Indian students in the UK, who are required to pay institution fees at non-EU rates. Moreover, tuition fees in The United Kingdom vary according to universities and courses.

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  1. Accommodation Costs

Accommodation costs depend on the city of the UK university and the type of flats. Living expenses are higher around London in comparison to other locations in UK. Hence, the living cost for Indian students in UK varies according to their location of universities.

Types of accommodation include:

  • Off-campus private: This is a hall type of residence that also offer shared kitchen and lounge apartments for students of universities in the UK but are more expensive because of modern facilities compared to on-campus accommodation. Rents include utility bills and security and maintenance.
  • Private renting: This is popular among students who seek independence or want to stay with family or friends. However, this type of accommodation is more expensive and does not include any utility bills in rent.
  • Hall of residence: These are managed by universities and typically include private rooms with shared kitchens and other lounge areas catering to 4-8 students. Utility bills such as water, gas, internet, and electricity are often included in costs.

The average accommodation costs for Indian students in the UK range between £120 to £400 per month. It depends on the type of residence and facilities offered. You can book a suitable Flat in UK with our Accommodation service and make your stay in UK at a low cost.

  1. Living Expenses in the UK

Your lifestyle, living standard, and spending habits will impact your living expenses in the UK. Traveling and transportation, electricity, food expenses, water, gas, wifi, and other utility bills, books and library fees, groceries, security, laundry services, insurance, maintenance cost, and entertainment expenses together constitute the living costs in UK.

What are the average living expenses for Indian Students in UK?

  • Annual living costs for Indian students in the United Kingdom may come up to £13,000 to £16,000 in addition to their tuition fees.
  • Indian students staying in other parts of the UK require a minimum of £1,015 (1,05,065 INR)per month as living expenses.
  • If Indian students stay in London, an average of £1,265 (1,30,961 INR) every month is required as living expenses according to UKVI.
  1. UK Student Visa Fee for Indian Students

Study visa fee is another part of your education cost in the UK. Study Visa fees are according to the duration of your course in the UK. A study visa for a long-term course in a UK university costs around £348. BCES will increase your likelihood of securing a study visa to the UK with study visa expert guidance and advice.

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