Why study in Switzerland

Switzerland is continuously rated in the top ten places in the world to live and work. It has quickly become a desirable destination, With a stable economy and low crime rate. There is 22% of the population comprised of immigrants from around the world.

And it’s not just working there pleasant: education in Switzerland has been prestigious in Europe for its high quality. Students ranked Swiss schools at an impressive average of 8.9 out of 10 in the International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014. 

Study in Switzerland 

Switzerland universities offer a diverse range of executive courses or programs in English, and German languages, from short seminars such as ‘Control of Projects and Investments’ to an MBA and an International Executive MBA.


An International Atmosphere in Switzerland

There are four major advantages to studying executive education in Switzerland: Strong research facilities, an international atmosphere, a diverse economy, and a strong learning environment.

There is a large number of international workforce in Switzerland.

In fact, approximately one-quarter of the entire Switzerland population is international, on the report of the Federal Statistical Office, and the country boasts 26 states and four national languages.


A diverse economy

Switzerland is traditionally stable with finance. Switzerland goes far beyond that. Pharmaceuticals, engineering, Watch industry, food, and beverages… in each of those industries you have very internationally-orientated, high-end Switzerland companies.”

Switzerland has the highest density of Fortune more than 200 head offices in the world, with fourteen Fortune 500 companies headquartered there in 2018. These include the Adecco Group, Glencore International, and Nestlé.

By studying in Switzerland, MBA students or Executive MBA programs have access to top companies in different industries. 

Strong Research Facilities

Universities in Switzerland also give students access to high-quality education. International students can research what the country has to offer. “Care and attention to detail in research institutions are really very high in research universities of Switzerland .

As a big economic country Switzerland’s large amount of money invested in development and research spending 2.2% of its GDP annually, compared to the EU average of 1.1%. Such investment naturally places Switzerland institutions highly in global university rankings and gives students more opportunity to access cutting-edge research.

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