One Year International Student Programme For Indian Students

One Year International Student Programme For Indian Students

An international education consultant, Study Group, has recently launched new programmes for Indian students considering higher education in the UK.

Study Group has introduced new International Year One programs, also called International Year Two programs in Scotland, that are consistent with the evolving aspirations and professional objectives of Indian students. The programs are created in partnership with institutions for international students who are interested in applying to an undergraduate degree program but are not familiar with the UK education system. Students will receive reduced class sizes, extra language teaching, and tailored support focused on the academic abilities required for their level of study.

The programme aims to equip international students and raise them to become comparable to those of domestic students raised within the UK education system. Ian Crichton, CEO of Study Group said, “through an intensive period of study and tailored support, motivated students can achieve the required standards to be accepted and progress to an advanced stage of a degree at their chosen university on a level playing field with their peers from the UK.” Students who are successful in reaching the required academic standards can then achieve a degree within two years.

Increase in the enrollment of Indian students in UK universities

Crichton announced the launch of new foreign Year One programs and estimates a 40% rise in Indian students enrolling in UK higher education under the foreign student program this year.

Crichton stated that students are focusing on programs with strong industry linkages and internship opportunities in specialized disciplines, in line with the UK’s focus on career-focused education. He also mentioned that Indian students are currently showing a strong interest in STEM fields, such as computer science, artificial intelligence, and data science, which are very pertinent to the changing technology sector. Business, management, finance, law, and health are popular disciplines in the UK due to the country’s excellence in these fields, attracting individuals looking for advanced education and abilities that will stay relevant in the future.

Visa restrictions are causing students to be denied entry.

Crichton expressed his opinion on the new visa limitations implemented by the UK government under Rishi Sunak’s leadership. He stated that the government is conflating immigration with education due to significant global movement occurring currently. He mentioned that visa numbers have decreased this year compared to previous year. He expressed hope for an improvement in the second half. He emphasized the increasing demand for international students in the UK due to the expansion of local colleges despite the declining numbers.  Crichton suggested that the visa limitations could be related to the forthcoming elections in the UK and the government’s desire to align itself with popular political views. He stated that for them, it is simply an additional obstacle to overcome.

Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, the Provost and Chief Academic Officer, described the International Year One programs as rigorous preparatory courses for advanced studies at our partner universities. They provide our students with the knowledge and skills comparable to those of a first-year undergraduate, although even the most accomplished student may occasionally question their abilities.

Some universities in the Study Group’s curriculum include Cardiff University, Kingston University, Leeds Beckett University, University of Sussex, University of Aberdeen, and Liverpool John Moores University.

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